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10 Tips For Construction Workers in Cold Environments

Construction workers build every structure you see. They work hard all year long–including in the wintertime. Labor workers in New York State have to stick it out in the cold weather. Below are some helpful tips that will help them make it through the season safely.

  • Construction workers should be taught about the warning signs of frost nip, frostbite and hypothermia.
  • First aid supplies should always be readily available to construction workers.
  • Make sure construction workers are aware of emergency telephone numbers.
  • Weather reports should be monitored on a daily basis by the manager.
  • When inclement weather occurs, access roads should be plowed in a timely manner.
  • The work site should be cleared of snow and ice.
  • Portable heater should be utilized whenever possible.
  • Workers should wear warm clothing and weatherproof boots.
  • Construction workers should also try to establish the buddy system and work with a colleague.
  • Warm beverages such as hot tea and coffee should be readily available to workers.

We represent carpenters, roofers, excavators, electricians, pavers, landscapers, heavy equipment operators, and drivers who have been seriously injured at construction sites. In many cases, the victim suffers severe or permanent injuries to the head or spinal cord, or the loss of a limb. For advice about your options in the aftermath of a work site accident, contact Levine and Wiss at 1-888-GOT-HURT.

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