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2 Common Signs of a Back Injury

Remember the old saying: “If you step on a crack, you’ll break your mother’s back?” Although that saying is quite fictitious, tripping over a crack in the sidewalk can surely injure anyone’s back (not just your mother’s). If you’ve recently found yourself in the center of an accident, and think you have sustained a back injury because of it, here are two of the most common signs to look for before jumping to conclusions:

Sign 1: Limited Range of Motion
Having trouble turning around lately? One of the most common signs of sustaining a back injury is having a limited range of motion. Although you may not feel as if you have limited mobility, try some simple turning/bending tasks such as turning around, while seated, to look over your shoulder. If you’re experiencing some irregular discomfort or agonizing pain, then it’s quite possible that you have sustained a back injury from your recent accident.

Sign 2: Hurts to Walk
Another prime sign of sustaining a back injury is being in pain when you walk. From the car to the office, if you’re experiencing any sort of spinal pain from moving around, then you might have a back injury. When a victim of an accident obtains a bodily injury, specifically a back injury, the newfound pain will be quite obvious. Unlike a sore neck, a back injury will give discomfort a new meaning — and you’ll certainly know it.

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