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Year: 2018

How do Workers Move Forward with a Claim for Compensation?

Workplace accidents are often some of the most unexpected types of accidents. And far too often, injured workers are left … READ MORE

How to Check for Product Safety

As consumers, we typically purchase items without thinking twice about what we’re buying. Unfortunately, there are some items that are … READ MORE

Traumatic Brain Injuries: The Severities and Symptoms

One of the worst injuries someone can sustain is one to the brain. Often times, these types of injuries have … READ MORE

Dog Bite Injuries: How to Show Fault

Imagine this: you’re walking down the street on the side walk, when all of a sudden you hear barking from … READ MORE

The Importance of Safety Equipment On Construction Sites

Construction sites are necessary workplaces, but not many people recognize the dangers that exist for workers and pedestrians alike. Unfortunately, … READ MORE

Construction Worker Fatalities in New York

It’s often said of our court system, “the gears of justice grind slowly,” but the same is true of our … READ MORE

Injuries Caused by Defective Fireworks

Despite Independence Day being just one day, there are plenty of people who want to use fireworks to celebrate for … READ MORE

Understanding Comparative Negligence In New York

To many, personal injury cases appear to be cut-and-dry. They feel as though if a person is responsible for an … READ MORE

Steps to Take If You Were Hurt On Memorial Day Weekend

As with many holiday weekends, when people celebrate, there’s an increased chance that alcohol will be involved. While there’s nothing … READ MORE

Safety Standards on Construction Sites

The safety on various construction sites is not guaranteed. When accidents occur, personal injury lawyers work to protect the rights … READ MORE

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