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3 Strange Laws In Suffolk County

When you think of Suffolk County, what comes to mind first? For most, it may be the wonderful array of towns and beaches — but what about the laws? Dating back as early as 1872, when some of these towns were established, some ~strange~ laws were also constructed that town residents would have to obey. Although most laws have been banished over time, some strange laws still exist to this very day:

Law 1: Band Identity Theft
Love a famous rock band and want to perform their greatest hits? Well, you’re entitled to do that — but you can’t play a concert under their name. One of the oldest laws in Suffolk County is that it’s illegal to hold a concert and perform under another band’s name. If you’re planning on hosting a tribute concert for the Rolling Stones, then you might want to get creative and change the name before the gig — or else you’ll face a fine.

Law 2: No Public Picnics
Plan on going for a stroll in the park, then host a picnic for your pals afterwards? Well if you’re in the Village of Head of the Harbor, it’s completely illegal to hold a picnic in public. Imagine having a picnic with your friends and then receiving a citation? The age-old law is still in effect, remaining as one of the strangest laws in Suffolk. If you decide to have a picnic in village coordinates, then it’s best you host a dinner party.

Law 3: Only 24 Balloons
Throwing a birthday party and plan on having a surplus of balloons? If you live in Suffolk County, or are holding your event there, it’s illegal to release more twenty-five or more helium balloons in a span of twenty-four hours. Besides getting stuck in trees and telephone wires, balloons do post an immediate threat to wildlife — since the balloons will eventually deflate. If you’re going to buy some helium balloons, we suggest you dispose of them properly, no matter what county you live in.

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