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3 Steps to Take Following a Construction Site Accident in NYC

With more and more personal injury claims happening each year, across New York City’s five boroughs, attorneys like the team at Levine & Wiss, are up to their neck in cases! The fact is that not only are negligence related accidents and incidents on the rise, but also, individuals across New York City are simply becoming more and more aware of their rights, and the fact that they can file a lawsuit or personal injury claim, when they’ve been the victim of an accident due to another party or individual’s negligence or even intentional actions. While most personal injury claims involve things like car accidents or medical malpractice, one of the most common types of personal injury claims in New York City these days is the construction site accident. These incidents are happening way more often, and are leading many construction site workers and even passerby’s who happen to suffer an injury some way to file a claim agains the owners of the site, or the company managing the site. As the best Brooklyn accident lawyer Mr. Scott Wiss of Levine & Wiss, has helped countless individuals across NYC to get the justice as well as the compensatory damages they deserve, after being the victim of a construction site accident in NYC. Despite how prevalent they have become, many individuals are still unaware how they should proceed if they’ve been involved in one. Therefore, in this article, we will be going over a few of the most important ways for an individual to react and the steps they should take, if they’ve been involved in a construction site accident in NYC.

Seek Medical Attention

This usually goes for almost any type of a personal injury claim, but is especially the case for a construction site accident in NYC. According to Mr. Wiss the best accident lawyer Brooklyn has in practice, construction site accidents and the injuries that occur as a result are often the worst, and will lead to some horrific injuries – making medical attention an absolute necessity. The fact is that no matter what happens in your case, your health and wellness is most important, but also, in the latter stages of the process and when filing a personal injury claim, you will need to prove medical damages and bills, and having the proper record and medical documentation is a vital step to the process.

Let Your Employer Know

The fact is that the vast majority of construction site accidents in NYC occur to the individuals working on the site, and it is vital that they are aware of your injuries as soon as possible and there is a valid record of the incident, as soon as possible. According to Mr. Wiss, the best constriction site accident lawyer NYC has to offer, if your employer already witnessed the accident or was informed about it, he or she may have already reported the accident. In New York, employers must report the incident to the company’s insurance company promptly.Any injury that appears to cause the construction worker to lose time from regular duties or requires the worker to undergo medical treatment must be reported on within 30 days of the incident to be eligible for workers’ comp.

Contact a Personal Injury Attorney

The most important aspect of any personal injury claim is having the right attorney on your side, as this can easily make or break your case. According to Mr. Wiss, the best Brooklyn accident lawyer, your attorney will be there to guide you through the whole process, from start to finish, while not only helping you to negotiate your settlement and the damages you might be entitled to, but to also argue your case for you during the court proceeding if no settlement can initially be reached. The attorney will also help you avoid costly mistakes and do much more for your case than you could on your own.

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