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ATV Accidents

Recreational vehicles such as ATVs, dirt bikes, or snowmobiles can cause serious injuries, especially when used without proper training or supervision. If you or a young person in your family has been injured in an ATV accident or other mishap involving a recreational vehicle, contact an experienced personal injury attorney at Levine & Wiss

Levine & Wiss can help you recover damages for the injuries suffered as a result of design defects or negligent operation of any vehicle such as an ATV, three-wheeler, or personal watercraft.

Because of the recreational setting of most ATV accidents, alcohol is often a factor in the dangerous operation of the vehicles involved. Whether the primary cause of the victim’s injuries is lack of safety equipment, driving while intoxicated, insufficient training, or a design defect in the machine itself, Levine & wiss can make a thorough investigation of the circumstances of the accident and identify all potential defendants who can be held liable for the damages suffered, including wrongful death.

At Levine & Wiss, we accept all recreational and ATV accident cases on a contingent fee basis. You owe us no attorney’s fee unless we recover damages for you. For a free consultation about your right to compensation, contact us.

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