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Automotive Product Liability Cases

Each year, major automobile companies recall thousands of car models due to product defects. These recalls are particularly important because they could make a car accident even worse. This is especially true for vehicles recalled for faulty airbags. In this case, it is literally a life or death situation.

Despite the recalls that are made each year, some things slip through the cracks. For instance, your particular car might have defective windshield glass. In the event of an accident, your windshield could shatter and diminish the structural integrity of your car. Clearly, this could result in an injury to the driver and or passengers.

Other examples of automotive product liability cases include but are not limited to: seatbelt malfunction, poorly designed gas tanks, structural weakness in the roof assembly, instability in SUVs resulting in rollover accidents, tire tread separation and ineffective design of child safety seats. The attorneys at Levine and Wiss can defend your case in the pursuit of justice.

In car accident cases involving the possibility of a product defect, we investigate product liability claims against the manufacturer and distributor of defective vehicles and components, whether in your own car or the other car. This helps ensure that adequate compensation for the full range of your damages can be recovered from more than one defendant.

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