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Automotive Product Liability

Helping Those Injured In New York & Long Island
While investigating causation and liability issues in auto accident cases, we sometimes find that a significant factor either in the cause of the crash or in the severity of the injuries is the failure or malfunction of the vehicle itself or one of its safety components. If you have been injured in an SUV rollover, or if your child was injured by a badly designed safety seat, contact Levine & Wiss for a free consultation about your legal options.Levine & Wiss has seen many cases where the defective design of essential auto components either caused a collision or made a bad accident worse.

Examples of the kinds of product safety problems that can undermine the crash worthiness of a vehicle are the following:

  • Seatbelt or airbag malfunction
  • Poorly designed or located gas tanks
  • Structural weakness in the roof assembly
  • Instability in SUVs resulting in rollover accidents
  • Tire tread separation
  • Ineffective design of child safety seats
  • Defective windshield glass

In car accident cases involving the possibility of a product defect as well as the negligent or reckless conduct of the other driver, we investigate product liability claims against the manufacturer and distributor of defective vehicles and components, whether in your own car or the other car. This helps ensure that adequate compensation for the full range of your damages can be recovered from more than one defendant.

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