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The Rise of Construction Site Injuries in NYC

Throughout New York City and Long Island, over the last few years, we have seen countless new construction developments and projects springing up over time. The fact is that major cities like New York are constantly in development. And whether that means new properties springing up and brand new developments of housing or business land, or if it means the renovation and restoration of older properties – construction sites are everywhere these days and they will continue to be more over time. With so many different construction sites out there across the city, its no surprise that according to the team at Levine & Wiss, the best injury lawyer Brooklyn has in practice, New York City has experienced a tremendous spike in the number of construction site accidents in recent years. And these numbers have continued to rise almost every year since the 2008 recession. According to the team at Levine & Wiss, the best construction site accident lawyer Brooklyn has to offer, just in 2019 alone, there were nearly 300 construction site injuries in the 5 boroughs alone, and of those injuries 5 were deadly. This has become one of the most common types of personal injury claim in the 5 boroughs, and most experts believe it is only going to trend upwards – even as safety protocols and other issues continually rise. In this article, we will be examining these devastating construction accidents and attempting to understand why they are on the rise.

The NYC Construction Boom

According to many statistics, New York City has been going through somewhat of a boom in construction. As we mentioned above, there are more and more construction sites popping up every day. But it all seemingly took off around the year 2014, when the city began issuing more and more construction site permits to contractors and different agents. This was a few years after the recession, and things were heading in an upward direction, as more and more money flooded into the city and real estate began to take off again. And according to the team at Levine & Wiss, the top construction site accident lawyer Brooklyn has in practice, the peak of the city permits occurred in 2018, and its no surprise that this was the same year where the number of construction site injuries was at its peak as well.

The Most Dangerous Job in NYC

If you ask many experts in the field, they will certainly tell you that the construction world isn’t an easy one – no matter if you are the boss of the operation or just one of the day laborers lugging around materials and equipment. And according to the team at Levine & Wiss, the top brain injury lawyer Brooklyn has in practice, the statistics don’t lie and the Bureau of Labor Statistics has said that NYC is one of the most dangerous cities in the world to work construction. And the fact is that individuals working construction are highly susceptible to falling objects and when helmets aren’t being work and other protective gear it can cause issues of traumatic brain injury and other issues. As we mentioned above, in 2018, the numbers reached tremendous highs, and throughout sites across the city, there were over 700 construction workers killed across the city.

The Biggest Issues with NYC Construction Site Accidents

The fact is that there are tons of different reasons why New York City has had some of the worst and most dangerous construction sites over the years. According to the team at Levine & Wiss, the best slip & fall lawyer Brooklyn has to offer, a lot of the major issues are code and zoning violations that can lead to safety issues. Often times, tools, materials and other items may be left around the construction site and can lead to dangerous slip and fall injuries. In edition as we mentioned, fallen tools can come down from skyscrapers and at that height can lead to devastating brain injuries and terrible issues. Another major issue is that a number of contractors and developers are cutting corners and looking to save on the money they spend by forcing more work, cutting safety protocols, using low quality protective gear. In addition, many are hiring cheaper labor and purchasing cheaper materials. This will lead to inexperience on the job site and individuals that really don’t have to answer to anyone and can get away with whatever they want to in terms of practices. One of the most common issues that occurs on construction sites are falls, whether they occur from tremendous heights or shorter ones, they will often lead to injury and are a product of inexperience. In the event you are involved in one of these construction site injuries you may be entitled to huge damages, and compensation, be sure to contact the team at Levine & Wiss today to find out if you have a case or not.