7 Damages Following a Car Accident

No one wants to get into a car accident, no matter if it was your fault or not, and regardless of what sort of settlement you stand to gain – very few individuals around the US would be willing to sacrifice their overall health and safety as well as that of their friends and/or family members. When it comes to a car accident at least one that has been a result of another individual’s negligence, leaving you or your loved ones injured it is vital that you are able to be compensated financially. With the help of someone similar to Mr. Joel Levine, known to be the best personal injury attorney NYC has to offer, you stand to gain quite a bit in terms of damage, and once you have been able to stabilize your health and check for any unwanted injuries, you can then hire someone like Mr. Levine, the best personal injury attorney NYC has in practice waiting to learn more and more in regards to the case, and see how much you might be able to recover, from both monetary damages, and other less concrete damages- for example, something emotional as in pain and suffering – which is then associated with specific economic harm, such as the loss of wages due to missed work, damage to your vehicle or other property, and medical expenses. General damages, on the other hand, cover “noneconomic damages” such as:

Pain & Suffering

Basic working men and women, can be left with quite the pain following a car accident and honestly gun violence.

Physical Disfigurement or Impairment

Often this is a type of an issue that a patient suffered extreme disfigurement to their face or even their body. In addition to some type of cosmetic or look issue, this can also mean they suffered from some form of impairment to any area of their body that prevents them from functioning as well as they used in many different ways.

Shortened Lifespan

According to Mr. Levine, the best personal injury attorney NYC has to offer, while an accident may not take your life right away immediately, it can shorten your lifespan – this is something you need to be compensated for as well!

Mental Anguish

This is something that can happen to people who might have been in accidents for years at a time – but often they will feel depressed, suffer from bad dreams, overall sadness, and wont function at their highest level.

Loss of Reputation

This can occur for a number of reasons from having points and issues added onto your license, your reputation with your insurance company will simply go down, plus any reputation you might have had with family members and friends – as you may not longer be able to drive as well or at all how you used to be able to.

Loss of Companionship

This is a common issues in many types of cases, according to Mr. Levine the best auto accident attorney NYC has in practice – these types of cases arise when one spouse due to lifelong injuries, disability or mental issues, that are attributed to a car accident are now preventing them from being a quality partner to their spouse.

Emotional Distress & PTSD

One of the most difficult issues to combat following a car accident, especially one that might have been quite severe, involved other cars, and lead to a number of different injuries and other issues amongst drivers. According to Mr. Levine, the best auto accident attorney NYC has to offer, post traumatic stress disorder is one of the most common issues affecting drivers both young and old – following any large auto accidents and even some fender benders.

When it comes to auto accidents, they can be quite common and occur during the most innocuous of moments – when you least expected them. As many clients consider him to be the Best Auto Accident Attorney NYC has to offer, Mr. Levine and his team have been able to help countless clients to achieve the best and most effective legal counsel available today. For more information on all there is to know about such legal counsel, be sure to contact us today.