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Beware of Personal Injury from Defective Toys

Toys should bring joy and pleasure to your children. As a parent, you should not have to worry that a gift you bought for your little ones will cause them harm. Toy companies are obligated to put all of the items they manufacture through the most rigorous safety tests. All potential hazards should be discerned and fixed before the products go to market.

Why You Should Beware
Toys may appear harmless and benign. But children—especially very young children—are eager to explore the objects and items they come into contact with. They will likely pound, prod, and attempt to take apart whatever they can get their hands on. If the toy you gave them is not sturdy enough, then its parts may loosen. Your child may then attempt to chew on or swallow such parts, and this can put their life in danger.

What to Do If the Worst Happens
If the toy you purchased is defective and has led to the injury and distress of your child, then you can take action against the company. You have a case to sue the company for the medical expenses you have incurred and the emotional and mental strain you have had to endure. Your first action should be to contact a lawyer who specializes in product liability.

Even if the company has pulled the toy from the shelves after the incident, they still owe your family for what their negligence has led to. If they are unwilling to address that substantively, then your lawyer will file a lawsuit on your behalf.

Such a suit need not go to court. If the company sees the scale of evidence against them, they may decide to offer you a compensation package. This will save them from a great deal of negative publicity and you from taking your family through a difficult and expensive trial.

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