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Bicycle Injury Lawsuits in NYC

When it comes to the world of tort law, otherwise known as personal injury law, there is quite a bit you must know about. The fact is that it is very important for every individual to be at least a little bit familiar with personal injury lawsuits, as they are some of the most common legal cases around today, and the best way for an individual to get the justice they deserve if they’ve been in an accident or were the victim of another party’s negligence. Personal injury lawsuits cover everything from slip and falls, car accidents, construction site injuries, bike accidents and much more. As the top bike accident lawyer Queens has to offer, the team at Levine & Wiss have been able to help countless men and women attain compensation for injuries they have suffered on a bike, often as a result of being hit by a car by a driver who simply wasn’t paying attention. These types of accidents can happen in many ways, and can be the fault of any individual or even an entity – even the government or the city you live in, as they are responsible for keeping the roads safe for cars, bikes, pedestrians and more. According to Levine & Wiss, the best municipal liability lawyer Manhattan has to offer, when it comes to bike accidents, there have been a number of instances where the victim has filed bicycle injury lawsuits in NYC against the city, as they may have failed to properly mark off a bike lane or maintain the lines, when they have worn off, amongst other reasons. In this article, we will be exploring how bicycle injury lawsuits in NYC work.

Riding Your Bike in NYC

Like many other states and cities, especially larger, metropolitan cities, New York City is home to tons of bike riders. No matter what street you are driving down in Manhattan, or even the outer boroughs, chances are you are going to encounter tons of bike riders, and as a driver, its vital that you yield to them and make the road a safe place for them to travel, as they have just as much of a right as you. According to Levine & Wiss, the best bike accident lawyer Queens has to offer, this is why NYC and other cities, created bike lanes, as it provides bikers with an area to call their own and allows them to ride more safely, as opposed to having to change lanes and be treated like a normal car. These big lanes even extend onto bridges and more. However, with around half a million bike trips being taken every single day in NYC, accidents are bound to happen and it isn’t always clear cut who is at fault. According to Levine & Wiss, the best municipal liability lawyer Queens has to offer, in many instances, even when a driver hits a biker, it might actually be the fault of the city itself. NYC itself has over 300 miles of regular bike lanes, and about 75 miles of protected bike lanes – this is definitely a lot, but in many ways its not enough. In so many cases, we see bike lanes being blocked by city trucks, or city sponsored construction, and in many cases bike lanes aren’t properly marked or properly maintained. As per Levine & Wiss, the best municipal liability lawyer Manhattan has to offer, while bike lanes have made it quite safer overall with numbers decreasing for accidents over the years. When it comes to bicycle injury lawsuits in NYC, they still occur. The fact is that in many cases, these lanes are still quite rough and hazardous for bikers. You have the right to move out of bike lanes when you prepare to turn or to avoid unsafe conditions, such as the following – certain fixed or moving objects, cars, other bikes, pedestrians, carts, animals, and certain dangerous surfaces.

Cars and Hazardous Bike Lanes

The fact is that while bike lanes have certainly limited the number of bicycle injury lawsuits in NYC, there are two main reasons why these accidents still can occur – the first being poor drivers and the hazards they create, and the second being unsafe bike lanes. When it comes to other drivers, according to Levine & Wiss, the best municipal liability lawyer Queens has to offer, the fact is that because Manhattan traffic is often pretty bad, we see a lot of drivers making evasive maneuvers to try and get ahead. This can include taking red lights, making illegal turns, driving into on-coming traffic, and swerving in and out of lanes, including bike lanes. When this happens, it can cause issues for bikers and all too often they cannot avoid issues, as cars are too big, there’s too many impediments, and they are simply moving way too fast. Another one of the most common issues is when parked cars are opening their doors and will often strike bikers going by. A vehicle blocking a bike lane is in violation of NYC traffic statutes. Bikers can collide with illegally parked vehicles – and sometimes, as it has been proven in court, bike lanes aren’t placed properly, and they are too close to other lanes or parked cars. According to Levine & Wiss, the best municipal liability lawyer Manhattan has to offer, all too often the city will leave the concrete in bike lanes in poor shape. While this might be okay for cars, this can cause huge issues for bikers. We have seen bike lanes, where construction has torn up pieces in the gravel and concrete, and while they are dangerous, they are also sometimes small enough to the point you cant see them speeding by on a bike, but they are big enough for your tire to get caught and cause a huge accident. In such a case, the city can be held liable, as it is their asphalt to keep up, and it is often their own construction or city vehicles that are causing issues in bike lanes. It’s important that if you’ve been injured in such a manner, you contact Levine & Wiss, as soon as possible. For more information on such bike accident cases, be sure to contact their office now.