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What To Do Following A Biking Accident?

Across New York City, It Seems As Though Each And Every Day; We Are Seeing A Plethora Of New Bikes And Bike Riders On The Road. In Such A Large, Metropolitan City Such As New York City, There Are Tons Of Cars On The Road, And Often, With Some Of The Craziest Traffic In The Country, Getting Around The City Whilst Driving Can Honestly Take Forever – For This Reason, Many New Yorkers Choose To Ride Their Bikes Around Town, Whether Its For Leisurely Fun With Their Significant Other Or Friends, Or Even On Their Morning Commute To Work. Plus, With New Yorkers Becoming More And More Health Conscious Than Ever Before, Its No Wonder They Prefer To Get The Exercise Provided By Biking Across Town. However, With So Many More Bike Riders On The Streets, And Cars Excessively Trying To Get From Place To Place, Its No Surprise That Bike-Car Collisions And Biking Accidents Are Way Up As Well. According To The Team At Levine & Wiss, The Best Bike Accident Lawyer Queens Has To Offer, No Matter What Kind Of Biking Accident You Are In, Its Fairly Dangerous As You Don’t Have The Surrounding Protection Of Being In A Vehicle. And Being Hit By A Car, Can Cause Devastating Injuries For Bike Riders, However Luckily For Most Riders, The Vast Majority Of Bike Accidents In NYC Don’t Take Place With Cars. As One Of The Most Heavily Congested Cities In The World, Walk Down Any Manhattan Block And You’ll See Everything From Barriers In The Road, To Construction Sites, Double Parked Cars And Delivery Trucks And A Whole Lot More. According To Levine & Wiss, The Best Bike Accident Lawyer Manhattan Has To Offer, The Vast Majority Of Such Cases And Claims End Up Being As A Result Of These Obstacles. This Is Why Many Cases Are Fought Against The City Itself And Not Against Individual Parties. In This Article, We Will Be Exploring The Steps To Take Immediately Following A Bike Accident In NYC.

· Call And Wait For The Police To Arrive

According To The Team At Levine & Wiss, The Best Bike Accident Lawyer Manhattan Has To Offer, One Of The Most Vital Aspects To Any Personal Injury Lawsuit Is The Burden Of Proof That Is Placed On The Plaintiff And Being Able To Prove Using Evidence, That The Other Party Was Negligent And Their Negligence Led To The Accident And Thus Your Injuries. And The Best Way You Can Do This Is By Having A Police Report – This Is Why Its Vital That You Contact Them Immediately And Have Them Write Up A Report That Outlines Exactly What Happened. They Will Be Able To Pull Video Evidence From Cameras In The Area, And If The Other Party Was At Fault, This Will Bolster Your Case By Quite A Bit. Depending On Whether Your Injuries Take Place At The Scene Or You Realize Your Injured Later On, Having A Police Report That Outlines Who Was At Fault Allows You To Attain Damages In A Personal Injury Lawsuit. It Is Vital That You Get Your Side Into The Statement And Report. According To Levine & Wiss, The Best Bike Accident Lawyer Queens Has In Practice, All Too Often, Police Will Tend To Ignore The Person On The Bike More So Than The Driver. Don’t Let This Happen, Make Sure Your Side Is Taken And Make Sure Any Witnesses In The Area Or Camera Evidence Is Reviewed.

· Handle Your Injuries

The Fact Is That Whether You’ve Been Hit By A Car, Or Collided With Some Type Of Obstacle That’s Been There And Shouldn’t Have Been There, You Can Suffer Terrible Injuries Riding Your Bike. Its Important That You Handle Them Asap, According To Levine & Wiss, The Best Bike Accident Lawyer Manhattan Has To Offer, In Many Cases Individuals Might Be Injured But Due To Adrenaline Or Other Factors They May Not Realize Right Away, In Fact You Could Be Suffering From Internal Bleeding And Not Realize Until A Few Hours Later. This Is Why Its Vital That You Seek Medical Attention For Any Injuries And Make Sure Its Noted In The Accident Report That You Suffered Those Injuries.

· Witnesses In The Area

Try To Get As Many Statements From Witnesses And People In The Area As Possible. According To Levine & Wiss, The Best Bike Accident Lawyer Queens Has In Practice, These Statements May Make Or Break Your Personal Injury Lawsuit, And With Them You Can Truly Fight Your Case The Way It Needs To Be Fought. Make Sure You Get The Contact Information Of Both The Driver Themselves And Any Witnesses In The Area, As Well As Any Stores Or Places With Cameras Around That May Have Seen Or Caught What Happened On Camera.

· Preserve Everything & Contact An Attorney

The Fact Is That Because The Burden Of Proof Is Placed Upon The Plaintiff, It Is Their Job That They Document Everything Possible And Detail Every Aspect Of The Accident Itself In Order To Better Fight Their Case In Court. Without Documenting Everything In Many Instances, You Will Struggle To Prove What Truly Happened. In Addition, Its Vital That You Contact An Attorney Like The Team At Levine & Wiss Immediately As They Will Help Ensure You Avoid Common Mistakes And Take The Right Steps To Bolster Your Case The Way You Need To Get The Most Compensatory Damages Possible.

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