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How To Use A Police Report In A Personal Injury Claim

It is no surprise that the number of car accidents increase in the cold winter months. Car accidents can be very stressful for everyone involved; especially if the car accident caused injuries. However, it is imperative to stay level headed in this situation. One of the most important things to do when you are involved in an accident is obtaining a police report.

By law, all parties involved are entitled to a copy of the police report. To receive a copy, contact the law enforcement agency who filed the report. A police report can act as a depository of facts obtained directly from the scene of the accident. When it comes to personal injury claims, a police report can help substantiate the circumstances that led to the accident. It can also be used to determine fault in motor vehicle accidents.

In addition the obtaining a police report, it is crucial that you contact a reputable personal injury law firm to represent your case. The car accident attorneys at Levine and Wiss can pursue justice and secure the kind of compensation that your injuries actually warrant. Call toll free at 1.888.GOT.HURT (468-4878) or simply contact us online to schedule a free initial consultation. Our representation is offered on a contingent fee basis. We only collect attorneys fees if we secure compensation for you.

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