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Construction Site Accidents

Secure Scaffolding or Injuries Can Occur

Many construction projects require the erection of scaffolding. These structures allow builders to extend their work area upward as the … READ MORE

How do Workers Move Forward with a Claim for Compensation?

Workplace accidents are often some of the most unexpected types of accidents. And far too often, injured workers are left … READ MORE

The Importance of Safety Equipment On Construction Sites

Construction sites are necessary workplaces, but not many people recognize the dangers that exist for workers and pedestrians alike. Unfortunately, … READ MORE

Construction Worker Fatalities in New York

It’s often said of our court system, “the gears of justice grind slowly,” but the same is true of our … READ MORE

Safety Standards on Construction Sites

The safety on various construction sites is not guaranteed. When accidents occur, personal injury lawyers work to protect the rights … READ MORE

The Most Common Construction Accidents

Every year, hundreds of American construction workers lose their lives to accidents. Others lose eyes and limbs. Many of the … READ MORE

Common Accidents on New York Construction Sites

Years of experience have taught you how to conduct yourself on a construction site. You are a skilled professional who … READ MORE

How to Prevent Construction Site Accidents This Summer

Have you or a loved one been a victim of a construction site accident? You may be entitled to payment … READ MORE

What Are Your Rights After A Construction Injury?

Whether you work as a carpenter, roofer, excavator, electrician or paver, we know how dangerous the construction industry can be. … READ MORE

Steps to Take After a Workplace Injury

If you have recently been injured on-the-job, there are a few steps that you’ll want to follow in order to … READ MORE

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