Our Lawyers Help When Construction Accidents Cause Injuries in New York

At Levine and Wiss, PLLC, our New York construction accident lawyers represent clients in Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Manhattan, Nassau, and Suffolk county when they get hurt on construction sites.

Our lawyers understand that construction is a lucrative industry, but it is also one of the most dangerous ones for workers. Construction injuries happen every day all across the country. Roughly 1 in every 10 workers gets an injury every year, and unfortunately, one in every 5 worker deaths are in the construction industry. The very nature of this work puts these workers at higher risk than others.

At Levine and Wiss, our construction accident attorneys can help when you get injured in a construction accident. Our extensive and unique experience, along with a strong work ethic, ensure our clients collect the maximum compensation allowed by law.

The ‘Fatal Four’ Construction Categories Cause The Majority of Construction-Related Deaths

The Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) considers types of accidents in the construction industry that lead to most deaths and/or construction injuries: falls, getting struck by an object, electrocution, and being caught in something or in between something.

These accidents also called the “fatal four,” were responsible for more than half of all the construction worker deaths in just 2018.

The Most Common Causes of Construction Injuries

  • Falls

    Falls are perhaps the most common of all causes of construction injuries. Many construction sites have scaffolding or unfinished floors and windows. Sometimes scaffoldings are not properly secured, or floors are not properly ‘cured.’ Workers are often performing tasks from high off the ground. Construction sites also often have holes or ditches on the ground that can present dangers.

    With or without signs and warnings, these conditions can present serious risks of falling. Falling from a great height or on the ground can result in serious injuries.

  • Getting Struck by Something

    Many construction sites have scaffolding or skeletal frames. This includes anything falling from above has the potential to hit and injure someone below.

    Paint buckets, power tools, hammers, and other items can fall hit someone on the ground or a lower floor. Anything falling could cause severe injuries to a construction worker or passerby. Getting hit in the head by a falling object can be fatal.

  • Electrocution

    Many construction sites use electricity. Workers might be installing or fixing electricity or using it to power tools and equipment. Faulty wiring, exposed wires, or generators can result in electrocution.

  • Caught-In Accidents

    Because construction workers tend to work with various machinery pieces, there are times when they get caught in something accidentally. Someone’s hand may get crushed in machinery, heavy equipment, or even get stuck in between plates or panels.

    Regardless of how your construction injury occurred, you may be entitled to collect compensation.

    Note, however, that your accident does not have to fall into the “fatal four” to be compensable.

Construction Injuries in New York Can Be Severe

  • Bone Breaks and Fractures

    Fractures are perhaps one of the most common construction injuries in the country. A bone fracture can occur from nearly any type of accident but is often the result of falling at a construction site.

  • Burns

    Working with power tools and chemicals can cause burns. Welding machines, heat guns, and electrical equipment, and certain dangerous chemicals, are common sources of burn injuries.

  • Electric Shocks

    Due to exposed live wires and electrical wires, electric shocks are also fairly common injuries suffered on construction sites. In some situations, electrical shocks can cause severe burns and internal damage.

  • Eye Injuries

    Protective eye gear is often used on many construction sites because of the high risk of eye injuries. Flying debris, electrical sparks, chemicals, and more can lead to eye damage. Protective gear is not always sufficient to provide adequate protection.

  • Illnesses From Toxic Materials

    Construction workers might interact with chemicals and solvents that can be dangerous if inhaled or exposed for long periods of time. Hazardous substances can make people dizzy or nauseous and, sometimes, cause long-term illnesses or death.

  • Brain Injuries

    Falling from atop a building, scaffolding, or other high location on a construction site can cause devastating brain injuries. The same is true if a falling object hits a worker or passerby.

  • Spine Injuries

    Injuries to the spine from a fall on a construction site can result in paraplegia or quadriplegia.

    Other spinal injuries can result in severe back and neck pain and limited mobility.

Can I Demand Compensation for Construction Injuries?

Typically, workers’ compensation insurance pays for the costs associated with workplace injuries. As a general rule, if you are injured while you are working or doing your job, the injury is covered by the workers’ compensation insurance.

You may not seek other compensation from your employer when workers’ compensation applies to your injury.

What If a Person Other Than My Employer Caused the Construction Accident?

There is a possibility that you can file a claim against another party that was negligent and caused your injuries.

For example, let’s say your employer bought new machinery. However, when you used it, the machine was defective, and you suffered severe burns. You may be able to file a claim against the manufacturer and try to prove that the machine was defective or dangerous and did not properly disclose its inherent risks.

You might be able to file a negligence case against other non-employers if they were negligent and caused your accident, such as:

  • General contractors
  • Vendors
  • Employers of other workers on site
  • Manufacturers of equipment
  • Maintenance companies
  • Inspectors
  • Building owners
  • Property owners

A construction accident lawsuit can allow you to get damages for items that are not covered by workers’ compensation. Workers’ compensation is limited.

Compensation from a successful lawsuit against a negligent party might result in additional damages for damages such as pain and suffering.

Our Experienced New York Construction Lawyers Can Protect Your Legal Rights When You Get Hurt on A Construction Site

The right legal representation is important in determining the right course of action after a construction accident. At Levine and Wiss, our construction lawyers know what it takes to formulate a game plan that will protect your rights and obtain the maximum compensation allowed by law.

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