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Dog Bites

Assisting Clients In Both New York City & Long Island
There are many proud dog owners in the New York City area. The vast majority of these dog owners are responsible pet owners. However, even a responsible pet owner may be unable to curb the instinctual urges of an animal with vicious propensities. When an animal is beyond the control of its owner or when someone simply refuses to take responsibility for their dog and someone is injured, our firm can help hold that pet’s owner accountable.

At Levine and Wiss, our dog bite attorneys have extensive experience in helping the victims of dog bites uncover the necessary facts of their case and pursue justice and the maximum compensation for their injuries.

Our firm employs a team of investigators to help us build our case. Does the dog that attacked you have a history of attacking other people? Our investigators will work to gather the full story behind your injury.

Are You the Victim of a Dog or Other Animal Attack?
Pursuing compensation after being injured by a dog bite can involve a number of elements such as:

  • Who is the dog’s owner?
  • Does the dog owner have a homeowner’s insurance policy?
  • How traumatic was your injury?
  • Have you been permanently scarred by the attack?
  • Did the dog exhibit vicious propensities?

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