3 Most Common Errors When Hiring a Personal Injury Attorney

In the event you are ever involved in any type of accident, or issue, in which you might experience an injury, as a result of the negligence of another party, such as during a car accident, it is vital for you to seek the help that you deserve. In the form of an experienced personal injury attorney Long Island lawyer, such as Joel Levine of Levine &Wiss, PLLC have been able to help countless men and women to obtain the justice they deserve when it comes to a personal injury claim. With some research indicating staggeringly different figures for issues like car accidents, amusement park issues, and personal injury claims as a whole, it seems that the number of accidents and incidents as a result of negligence has increased quite a bit, leaving many individuals in fear of the negligence of one another, whether it’s a car accident with a drunk driver, or tripping over someone’s foot while walking down the street. The fact is that once you have found yourself involved in a personal injury claim, there are a number of issues it is vital that you avoid , in an effort to not only ensure the best overall outcome, but to ensure that the case is kept alive and thriving in general. Far too often, lawyers have encountered perfect cases, that might have been the simplest verdict, however a costly mistake made by the victim may have completely damaged any of their chances to be victorious. As the top personal injury attorney Long Island has in practice however, Mr. Levine plays a key role in ensuring clients are not able to cause issues within their own cases, however, the issue is before he gets assigned to the case. Considering how much money could possibly be at stake as a result of a personal injury claim, it is vital that clients do their best to keep things simple and avoid certain common pitfalls, until their lawyer is aboard, and once he or she is aboard, it is vital that you pay attention and follow his or her lead as much as possible. Here are 3 common mistakes clients will often make.


Waiting TOO Long for the Lawsuit

When it comes to a personal injury claim, generally you are given amply time in order to bring that suit to court. However, in some instances, even still, an individual may end up waiting far too long and missing the statute of limitations of their personal injury claim. In essence, you are given years to file your lawsuit, however whether its laziness, procrastination or simply not having the time, and needing to gather the necessary paperwork or documents, the one thing you simply cannot do is to let the statute of limitations pass on your personal injury claim. Depending on your specific state and the issue that you might be dealing with the statute of limitations can be different every time. in some states its 2 years, in other states its 4 full years, however, for almost every personal injury scenario, you will generally have about 3 years before your statute of limitation is completely up and you no longer are eligible for the personal injury claim.


Not Contacting a Heavily In-Demand Lawyer for Financial Reasons

This is one of the most common mistakes in all of personal injury law. In many instances, far too many, individuals will choose not to hire a lawyer or even to visit them on the grounds that they assume they cannot afford their services. The fact is that when it comes to personal injury law, even the top personal injury attorney Long Island has in practice, Joel Levine, Esq. of Levine and Wiss, will often help clients and not have them pay a retainer or put any additional moneys down for payment, and will simply just take a fee in the event that you win money and they will have a percentage of those fees. Percentages depend on the personal injury claim itself.

Hiring a Family Friend or Past Lawyer to Help with this Case

One of the biggest mistakes that an individual can make when it comes to hiring an attorney, is to hire an attorney who is simply a family friend, or someone who might have helped you on a prior case – neither of whom have any experience when it comes to personal injury law outside of the words in a textbook. While I’m sure you are saving a lot, and this individual is a great lawyer, except within another field of law, it simply doesn’t pay not to have a personal injury lawyer, who knows the area, knows the field and knows the judges and prosecution who might be involved. In these cases we are in far better shape to win, as a traditional personal injury attorney simply knows the protocol as he has certainly done it before many times.

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