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Partners Levine and Wiss Recover $1.25 Million for Pedestrian Who Was Hit By a Car

We Helped an Injured Pedestrian Hold a Reckless Driver Accountable for her Actions
Our partners, Scott Wiss and Joel Levine recently scored a major victory on behalf of a client who was struck by a car while a pedestrian crossing the street. The client sustained multiple physical injuries including a fractured clavicle which required surgery, and a concussion which left her with significant cognitive difficulties. Scott handled the early stages of the litigation and Joel stepped in to advocate for our client during the three-day trial. The trial ended when the defendant’s insurance company agreed to pay the full value of their insurance policy, $1.25 million.

Personal Injury Lawyers with 100+ Years Combined Experience
At Levine and Wiss, PLLC, we do what it takes to help our clients obtain fair outcomes and real results after being injured through the negligence of others. We often handle cases involving car accidents, reckless driving, and pedestrians, and we have the skill and in-depth knowledge necessary to fight for the rights of injured parties. If you have been injured in an accident, connect with one of our New York personal injury attorneys immediately.

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We know that car accidents can be complicated, and we’re here to supply the answers and the trustworthy legal counsel you need Check out our blog for additional reading on personal injury claims and car accident cases:

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