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Tips for Driving When Snow Is Falling In New York

Whether there is family to visit or you want to do Christmas in New York City, the winter can be tricky for traveling. Through all of the rough snow, ice and sleet, New Yorkers seem to make the best of their harsh winters, even driving in it. There are a few tidbits that can make driving in the snow a little easier.

Car Maintenance
Keeping the car up to date on its’ regular maintenance is a good start. Depending on if you are in the city or driving out to the country, preventing a breakdown is vital. Some people will need to have snow tires, chains or have a 4-wheel drive vehicle for where they live.

Keep the windshield wipers clean or replace if they are getting old. Make sure washer fluid is full.

Drive Slowly
For driving in any rough weather, slow down. Even if you do have a 4-wheel vehicle, you should still drive slowly and with caution. Trucks and SUV’s get stuck too.

Wider Gaps
Keep your distance when it comes to driving in severe weather as well. There is no need to tailgate. If you have to brake or maneuver suddenly, this can avert an accident.

Understand Braking
Knowing how to pump the brakes is common knowledge for most drivers. Those that do not live in a cold city like New York may not know. This driving method utilizes pumping the brake pedal and allows the car to steer AND brake when roads are slick.

Pumping the brakes can be used as a backup stop to decrease skidding when brakes lock.

Public Transportation
New York City does have one benefit over many other cities. There is plenty of public transport options. If you must get somewhere, this may be the safest bet.

Having a few tricks and simple preventative measures can prevent accidents, injuries, and fatalities on the road. Be mindful and aware. There is no reason to risk you, family, friends and others.

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