3 Common Questions About an Auto Accident Claim

In the event you’ve been in any type of car or automobile accident, whether or not you were by yourself, or with your entire family things like this can be quite difficult to handle. The first thing to do is to check with any and all of your passengers, whether they are family members or strangers, checking on their health and safety is vital as well as for yourself. Car accidents are never easy to deal with, what can start off as a simply quick and easy day, can go straight to hell when a car accident occurs. According to the top personal injury attorney Nassau County has in practice, Mr. Joel Levine, Esq. and his team at Levine &Wiss, PLLC. such issues are rarely easy to approach and tend to always have most to do with the at-fault party. In the event you were injured or hurt in any way, due to the negligence of the other party, it is vital that you take a number of important steps, as it might be likely that you are in a position to file suit against the other party and their insurance company as well. In the event that you and your passengers are not gravely injured, and might have suffered only relatively minor, non-fatal injuries, you might still want to get some type of medical attention, as thee issues can often reappear or even worsen over time, without you even knowing it – so it is best to get a record of having visited the doctor after the accident.

Should I call the police?

The fact is that this is the question that goes through every single individual mind when they’ve been involved in a car accident of any kind. And while we might often debate things in our head, the answer should always be a resounding yes. No matter which side of the coin you might fall on, its illegal in any accident not to get the police involved, and regardless, if you are the victim of another party’s negligent actions, that it is vital to have police at the scene and a full police report written up. As the top personal injury attorney Nassau County police work very closely with attorneys like Mr. Levine, and therefore he is able to see what will work best for the legal system. The fact is that in the event of an accident and that specific scene of the accident that clearly illustrates the other party to be at fault, engaging in some negligent driving techniques, and causing an accident with you, leading to your injuries – then your personal injury claim is far more of a slam dunk. Having a third-party witness telling the judge and jury what happened is helpful, but when that third party is a police officer themselves, without any bias here, it can be extremely convincing.

What type of damages am I entitled to?

This is an interesting question, as every personal injury case works somewhat different, the answer is that it all depends on the specifics of the case. In fact, it is vital that we slowly piece together all the aspects of the case, what happened, how was the other party being negligent and how did that negligence lead to your injuries. Once you are able to connect these facts, then you will work alongside your top personal injury attorney Nassau County allows countless different types of damages. Most commonly damages account for things like medical bills, lost wages, pain & suffering, physical disability, emotional and mental trauma, PTSD, property damage, emotional suffering and even more.

What information might help my attorney and my personal injury claim in the long run?

As you are on the scene of the accident, after you have checked to make sure of the safety of you as well as your passengers, it can be a great help if you or one of your passengers who may not be as hurt as you, can canvas the scene a bit. Try to get pictures of the vehicles in their original position before the other party can move it in any way, any marks on the road, the damage that might have some clues as well such as paint rubbed off from one car to another. Try to get witness statements of people who might have seen the accident unfold and try to get a video of their statement, and get their contact information for later, as their statement may come up during the court processes.

Of course, these are only three popular questions and there are countless more, for more information on all there is to know about personal injury claims, be sure to contact Levine & Wiss today.