The 4 Most Common Personal Injury Claims

Personal injury law is by far one of the most common types of legal practices across the country, and while many might think it is unnecessarily saturated market, the fact is that the demand for such lawyers has reached an all-time high – as there are more accidents and claims for damages than ever before! Plus, according to Mr. Joel Levine, the top personal injury lawyer Long Island has to offer, personal injury claims can cover a vast array of circumstances by which an injured party or plaintiff will file a claim against a negligent party who has in some way caused them harm. When a personal injury claim or lawsuit is filed, the plaintiff will seek compensatory damages in the form of monetary compensation from the negligent party. While there are many situations in which personal injury law comes into play, acquiring the services of a top personal injury attorney Nassau County and the surrounding areas has in practice can help you to better understand what the best situations are to claim damages.Mr. Joel Levine, the top personal injury attorney Nassau County has in practice, is one of the foremost experts on the subject and has helped countless clients to better understand the rules surrounding such legal claims, as well as recovering millions of dollars in damages!

When it comes to personal injury law there is often a bit of confusion as not every situation in which someone is injured will lead to any liability, so to better help you understand when personal injury laws come into play, here are a few of the most common forms of personal injury claim.


Slip and Fall Cases

Popularized by pop culture as well as real life, slip and fall cases are one of the most common forms of personal injury claim made in the entire US. Property owners and even renters are legally obligated to keep their property safe and hazard-free – ensuring that no one is injured when on the property. This includes keeping the floors dry or shoveling snow and ice in the winter – as these situations can lead to individuals easily slipping, falling, and becoming injured. While this is generally the case, not all injuries sustained are the property owner’s responsibility. In the event that there was a sign clearly posted, or depending upon the jurisdiction you are in. For Mr. Levine, or another top personal injury attorney Nassau County requires them to show how the owner was negligent and the situation could have been avoided through normal, responsible means.


Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice cases occur in the event a doctor or any other health care professional shows gross negligence or incompetence and fails to adequately perform their duties – leading to patient harm, injury, and even death. Medical malpractice is by far the most complex form of personal injury claim around, and to fully understand all the intricacies it is important to research the specific laws within your legal jurisdiction.


Auto Accidents

Car accidents are by far the most common form of personal injury case, in the state of New York as well as the US as a whole. For the most part, when an accident occurs it is because one or more drivers are not following the rules of the road – or by some stretch, someone is driving recklessly. This is especially common in New York state, as the both the 5 boroughs and Long Island are notorious for having high car accident rates recently. A careless or reckless driver can usually be held financially responsible for any injuries sustained in or as a result of the car accident. It is up to your lawyer to make the connection between your injuries and the incident, and while this may seem easy for a top personal injury lawyer Long Island lawmakers still require a strong burden of proof – especially when trying to prove things like emotional damages, or pain & suffering.


Libel or Defamation

We’ve all heard it before, whether it was on our favorite court tv show, or used in jest on a sitcom, defamation of character is a popular form of personal injury in which an individual suffers injury to their reputation as a result of false, libelous statements made by another party. Even for the top personal injury lawyer Long Island has in practice, Joel Levine, these types of claims are quite difficult to prove. There are a number of factors in which these claims depend upon, such as – the forum in which the statements were made, who the plaintiff is (public figures, etc.). For a normal individual they must generally prove that there was an untrue statement made about them and show how it caused them a financial loss. However, for public figures or celebrities they must prove that the comments were actually made with actual malice intended – they made these false statements with the intentions of hurting the individual’s reputation.

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