What To Do When You’ve Been Hit By A Drunk Driver?

In recent years, it seems that the number of drunk and otherwise intoxicated drivers on the road has seen a sharp and fairly sudden uptick – especially when it comes to individuals living in New York City’s 5 boroughs and Long Island. In some aspects it might be due to the fact that New York City’s nightlife scene, despite still thriving (especially compared to other cities) isn’t anywhere near as wild as it used to be, and therefore individuals seem to be taking it upon themselves to get that much drunker, do something that much dumber, or take part in activities that are that much more dangerous. The thing is that just a few years past, NYC easily had the wildest nightlife or could easily rival that of any other city in the country. With nightlife club giants like WIP (Work in Progress), Greenhouse, M2 and many others, formerly throwing some of the largest and wildest parties in NYC at the time, according to Mr. Joel Levine, Esq. the top personal injury attorney Nassau County has to offer, at the very least these clubs gave the people a venue for their wildest nights out, and once they had danced it all out of their systems, the ones who tried to drink and drive were picked off like flies right outside the club, and the smart ones took Ubers with a nice young man or woman they might have met that night, gotten a late-night meal and took the party back home. Without such prominent party locals, NYC’s lack of nightlife venues, means that individuals are spending a lot more time going from spot to spot, apartment to apartment, looking for the right party for them, and over the course their light pregame turns into 4 hours of sipping vodka out of the same Poland Spring bottle and a clearly drunk driver. And then, those that were responsible for the evening and decided to walk to the next venue, end up becoming the victim of the other party’s negligence, and you’ve been hit by a drunk driver – so what exactly should you do now? Checkout the list below and learn exactly how to handle such a situation.

Injuries – Are You Hurt?

The first thing you should do once you’ve been hit by a driver of a vehicle, who you probably won’t be able to tell was drunk as of yet, is to take stock of your injuries and pain issues. Throughout his time as a personal injury attorney Nassau County lawyer Mr. Joel Levine, Esq. often recommends that his clients worry about their health absolutely above all else, as there is no reason you would want this to become a wrongful death claim, rather than a drunk driving accident. Check on yourself before any passengers. Are you bleeding, can you see straight, can you move your legs, where did the car hit you, and did he even stop after hitting you? Then its important to check on your passengers, any children or infants/toddlers must be given attention immediately so see if you can call 911 if you can’t try to scream for someone to call, and if all that doesn’t work eventually someone should do it. However, just make sure you take care of yourself Healthwise first and foremost.

Your Surroundings

According to Mr. Levine, a top auto accident lawyer, as long as you weren’t injured to the point where your vision is now blurry, or you are knocked unconscious completely, then if you are able to, try and see what car hit you. Try to figure out the color, the make, the model, and most importantly if possible, try to get the license plate – if not all, then focus on the first 3 digits and whatever other distinguishing details you can get. Again in the event he or she is stationary and accepted fault in all this, and is trying to even see if you are okay, then you can keep your guard down somewhat, but in the event you can visibly see this person around save their life and I am choosing not to! Aside from that figure out where you are, who is with you that you know, who saw the whole thing, can you walk, because if so then get up and survey the situation closer (again, as long as your legs aren’t in too much pain or have any lasting damage).

Police Report & Get Ready for the Suit

Once you have handled any and all medical concerns, and the police officer is now on the scene, and anyone in need of medical attention is either on their way to seek it or currently seeking it, make sure the officer is going through the process of writing a police report and just exaggerate too much, just tell most of what happened, as in the other driver was making unsafe maneuvers, and due to his negligence he collided with us, as we were observing the rules of the road – according to Mr. Levine, a top auto accident lawyer, this is where it’s time to begin the process of filing your case, and eventually obtaining the compensatory damages and justice overall. Some people might be extremely mad and try to start a fight with the other party (the negligent, at-fault party) – this is a huge mistake, not only because you’ve just been involved in a car accident, but because you are simply giving him further things to mention in the courtroom, while it shouldn’t have much to do with the initial negligence, he can now also claim damages himself, whether it be from a physical confrontation, damage to property, or mental distress, as he may now claim that he “got PTSD” after you briskly came at him following his being drunk and hitting your car, and almost killing you as well as your passengers.

Also, another important aspect of such a case or claim, is that you absolutely by this time, should be in close contact with an auto accident lawyer, such as Mr. Levine or one of his colleagues at Levine & Wiss, PLLC. as Mr. Levine is the top personal injury lawyer Nassau County has practicing currently. Your lawyer will be able to go through each aspect of the information, from the scene photos, to the police report, to the statements and more – helping to formulate a case in your favor. For more information on what to do in such a case, be sure to contact us today or to schedule a consult, be sure to call the office of Levine & Wiss, PLLC.