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Trucking Accidents

Contact an experienced personal injury lawyer at Levine & Wiss for advice about your rights in a serious truck accident. Levine & Wiss can help you recover money damages for injuries suffered in a collision with a semi truck.

The physics involved in a collision between a private auto and a 40-ton freight hauler are much different from those characteristic of accidents between lighter vehicles, and our forensic experts know how to apply these differences when investigating stopping distances, impact forces, deceleration factors, turning radius, and torque dynamics. Close familiarity with the special nature of truck accidents can help us establish liability against the defendant through understanding such details as the different ways flatbed trailers fishtail on turns when loaded or empty, or the effect of wet pavement conditions on braking distances at different speeds.

Other important considerations in trucking accidents are those covered under the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations, which limit the number of hours a driver can be on the road in a given day or week, prescribe safety standards for tractors and trailers, and require regular inspection and maintenance of trucks and trailers. At Levine & Wiss, our understanding of the rules that truck drivers and trucking companies must follow can give your accident claim a significant advantage both in settlement negotiations and at trial.

Our experience also helps get the most out of the defendant’s insurance coverage in accidents involving semi tractor trailer combinations, tanker trucks, construction vehicles, agricultural trucks, moving vans, delivery vehicles, and any other commercial vehicle. At the same time, our years of accident claim work involving serious head or spinal injuries can help ensure that all components of your physical and economic losses will be included in your demand for compensation.

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