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In 2018 alone, there were approximately 4,862 fatal crashes involving large trucks. In 2017, 72% of the people who died from large truck crashes were passengers in vehicles other than the trucks. 10% of other fatalities were not in a vehicle – they were pedestrians or cyclists.

It should not be surprising that there are so many accidents and fatalities involving trucks. Although large commercial trucks are a necessary part of our economy, food supply, and daily routine, drivers are often up against deadlines. Drivers trying to make delivery deadlines can often commit negligent acts and make bad decisions, causing accidents and injuries to innocent people across Long Island.

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Types of Trucking Accidents

There are several types of truck accidents that result in many of the injuries our clients suffer. Here are some of the most common:
T-Bone Accident

  • A T-bone accident occurs when vehicles cross paths in intersections. T-bone accidents usually happen when a truck or a tractor-trailer runs a stop sign or ignores the traffic light, and hits another car.

Jackknife Accident

  • A jackknife accident occurs when a truck hits its brakes hard and fast, causing the trailer to slide outward, creating a 90-degree angle. When this happens, there is a high risk of oncoming vehicles or cars behind it crashing towards the trailer.

Wide-Turn Accident

  • As the name denotes, a wide-turn accident occurs when a truck driver makes a wide turn by swinging his truck towards one direction to make a turn in the opposite direction. The danger here is when the driver fails to consider their surroundings and crashes or traps other vehicles close to the sidewalk.

Lost Load Accident

  • Sometimes tractor-trailers are not loaded correctly, or their loads of cargo are not safely secured. Two types of truck accidents usually result from cargo problems: when the trailer itself comes off and when the cargo itself becomes loose.
  • A loose trailer may cause accidents to occur with other vehicles and even sidewalk pedestrians. The trailer may crash into nearby buildings and houses as well.
  • There are also instances when the cargo is not secured well, and items fall out of the truck. Considering some of the things that trucks carry, these are some of the most dangerous truck accidents. Falling cargo can seriously injure innocent pedestrians, drivers, and passengers. Lost truckloads can also cause a chain reaction to occur, resulting in several dangerous accidents and injuries.

Truck Underride Accident

  • A truck underride accident occurs when a truck abruptly stops, and the vehicle behind it ends up under the truck. This type of accident is extremely dangerous and often fatal, primarily since smaller vehicles can easily shoot up under a truck's trailer, causing the car to crumble underneath. Sadly, these types of accidents are some of the deadliest ones involving trucks.

Truck Override Accident

  • This one occurs when a truck drives too fast and too close to the vehicle in front of it. When the car in front abruptly stops, the truck may drive over the vehicle in front of it. Just like the underride accident, override accidents are also extremely dangerous to passengers in the car. Not only is the driver in danger, but anyone riding in the back is as well.

Head-on Collision Accident

  • As the name states, a head-on collision happens when a truck driver hits another oncoming vehicle. Negligence often results in a tired driver swerving into oncoming traffic or a distracted truck driver, not realizing they are driving the wrong way. Head-on-collisions involving trucks are usually fatal, especially for people in smaller vehicles.

Blind Spot Accidents

  • Blind spots are pretty familiar to most drivers. Cars have blind spots, just like trucks do. But, because of the enormous size of trucks, blind spots can be quite large, and there can be many. Blindspot accidents usually occur when a driver changes lanes while unable to detect another vehicle. If a truck driver is not careful, other vehicles nearby can get crushed, hit, thrown off the road, or thrust into oncoming traffic.

Tire Blowout Accidents

  • There are many reasons why a tire may blow out. It could be due to improper maintenance, hidden tire leaks, road hazards, and even an overloaded trailer. Most of these conditions are avoidable, with proper care and oversight.
  • When a truck's tire blows out, the vehicles surrounding it are at significant risk of being hit by more than just flying debris. A truck can skid and crash onto other cars or flip over and crush another vehicle. Depending on where the truck is and its speed, a blown tire can be a recipe for disaster.

Who is Responsible for Truck Accidents and Injuries?

Legal liability for a truck accident depends on each situation. However, for most truck accident injuries, there is some likelihood that the truck driver is at fault and is the negligent one.

The truck driver’s negligence can cause most, if not all, of the types of truck accidents listed above. When a truck driver’s negligence causes an accident, the legal responsibility can fall on the driver, the trucking company, or the driver’s employer.

For example, if a truck runs a red light or a stop sign and a car smashes into it, causing a T-bone truck accident, the truck driver is likely responsible. Similarly, if a speeding truck driver, while trying to pass a car, crashes head-on into oncoming traffic, the truck driver will likely be liable for damages. In these situations, it appears that the truck driver failed to exercise reasonable care to drive safely.

Negligence can also cause tire blowout accidents. Remember that most tires blow out because of poor maintenance, which is usually the responsibility of the driver, the employer, or the company’s maintenance team. In these situations, either company may be held liable for damages arising from these types of accidents.

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