Our New York Truck Accident Lawyers Help People Obtain Compensation for Severe Injuries

Truck accidents are some of the most dangerous mishaps on the road. It is not a surprise that so many fatalities result from truck accidents. In 2018, thousands of people died because of large truck accidents. Tragically, most of the fatalities were innocent victims, occupants of other vehicles. The sizes of trucks make it easy for them to ram through just about anything when drivers are distracted or lose control, and the results are serious and often deadly.

If you suffered severe injuries in an accident with a large truck, call our truck accident lawyers to determine if you are eligible to obtain damages. We have experience handling all types of truck accidents. Let our lawyers navigate your legal claim while you focus on your physical and emotional recovery.

The Dangers of Truck Accidents

More than half of the truck accidents happen on major roads, about 33% of those occur on interstates and freeways. They happen more often than you think. More than 112,000 large trucks were involved in crashes in 2018, all of them resulting in injuries.

Because of the sheer size and weight of large trucks, truck accidents are often devastating not just to the truck driver or passengers but also to nearby vehicles and their occupants. These accidents cause substantial damages and painful personal injuries to whoever is involved.

Common Injuries From Truck Accidents

For New York residents, here are some of the most common Injuries from New York truck accidents.

Bone Fractures

Fractures are quite common with trucking accidents for both passengers or pedestrians. Depending on the severity of the truck crash, bone fractures may range from sprains or mild fractures to those requiring Surgery.


Burns may also occur in a trucking accident. If there is an explosion or fire during the accident, it might be impossible to get out safely if you are trapped under a large truck. Many trucks also carry flammable cargo, which can mean disaster even in a minor accident. Burns from a trucking accident can cause medical problems, disfigurement, and a host of long- term issues.

Head Injuries

Head injuries are prevalent in trucking accidents. Truck accident victims can suffer closed head injuries. They can also hit the steering wheel or the dashboard. Imagine if the driver and passengers do not have seatbelts on. There can be open head wounds, concussions, loss of consciousness, brain bleeds, broken skull bones, and more.

Neck Injuries

Depending on the crash's intensity, there is a possibility of the neck being injured from whiplash. A neck injury usually happens in rear-end crashes because of the forceful impact that causes the passengers' necks to snap back and forth.

Spinal Cord Injuries

The spine connects and supports the head and runs down through the back. There is a possibility that any neck injury sustained in an accident may lead to spinal cord injuries, especially if they occur in the cervical area. Protruded and extruded discs in the cervical, lumbar, or lumbosacral areas of the spine may occur. Sciatica, partial paralysis, or complete loss of mobility can also result.

Internal Injuries

Not all injuries are visible. Internal damage may also occur due to the impact of a truck accident. The kidneys, stomach, heart, and other organs can sustain severe injuries in a trucking accident. Even rib fractures, quite common in accidents, may cause tearing of internal organs, requiring surgery to stop internal bleeding.

How Injuries From Truck Accidents Affect Your Quality of Life

Living with truck accident injuries will always depend on how well you have recovered and how severe your injuries were. While some get lucky and sustain injuries from which they heal completely, some are less fortunate.

Truck accident injuries may leave you in constant pain. Some injuries may require the use of assistive medical devices and prosthetics to resume normal function. Some people might not function at all, being left paralyzed or suffering brain damage by the accident. Of course, these injuries can affect how you live, changing how you work or even do the things you used to love.

And of course, there is the mental anguish that accompanies the experience of a trauma like a truck accident. Being in a serious accident, Going through an accident, and living with injuries for the rest of your life can take its toll on a person’s mental health.

The physical and emotional toll of injuries from a trucking accident can make it hard on your finances. Many victims can’t return to work and face mounting medical expenses to treat their injuries. Sometimes, the financial injuries are the worst part of an accident.

Questions About How Truck Accidents Occur

Truck accidents occur in a variety of ways:

  • Tractor-trailers can get derailed, causing them to overturn and crash into other vehicles.
  • Speeding may mean a truck overrides the car in front of it and demolishes it and its occupants.
  • A truck making a wide turn can fail to spot someone in its blind spot and cause a serious accident.
  • Trucks can overturn because of improper packing and securing of cargo.
  • Other trucks have accidents because their load is too heavy, causing them to overturn, lose control or be unable to brake properly.

Getting in an accident with a large truck, whether you are a pedestrian, driver, or passenger in another vehicle, can have disastrous consequences.

If you are in an accident with a large truck, it is possible that someone was negligent and caused your injuries. Contact our experienced truck accident lawyers to learn about your legal right to file a claim for damages against the negligent party at (888) GOT-HURT or (888) 468-4878.

Seeking Compensation for Various Damages and Injuries

When you suffer injuries in an accident, someone’s negligence may be the cause. The negligent party may be the trucking company, the driver, or the insurance company.

After your accident, keep records of your injuries, your recovery, medical bills, and the facts of the accident. These records can help if you seek to collect damages from the negligent party who caused your truck accident.

Speaking to experienced truck accident lawyers is a good step toward ensuring your rights are protected after an accident. Our lawyers know how to demand damages from the responsible party. Also, we can ensure that you don’t feel forced to accept less than you deserve.

Our Lawyers Can Protect Your Rights and Get Fair Compensation For Your Injuries

If you have been injured in a trucking accident, our New York truck accident lawyers can help you file a claim to collect fair compensation.

You should be compensated when negligence of the truck driver causes you to suffer. We can help you pursue all available remedies when you incur physical, emotional, and financial injuries in a truck accident.

Call our New York truck accident lawyers today at (888) GOT-HURT or (888) 468-4878 for a free consultation. Find out how our lawyers can help you seek compensation for a trucking accident and secure the relief you need to make a full recovery.