3 Important Things to Know About Wrongful Death Law

Over the years, in the field of personal injury law there have been a number of landmark cases in recent years that have made headlines. From record breaking damages for car accidents, to child endangerment suits brought on from parents to their son’s daycare teachers – there have been cases that have truly set a standard in the world of personal injury claims across the state. However, while there have been many new groundbreaking personal injury law instances, according to wrongful death attorney, Mr. Joel Levine, one aspect of the personal injury law has seen some of the most interesting and involved cases in the entire state – cases involving wrongful death. Wrongful death has always been a hot button issue, as the top wrongful death attorney has in practice, Mr. Levine, Esq. has seen a number of heartbreaking cases come across his desk. No matter who you are or what the situation might have been, the death of a family member, friend or any kind of loved one is heart wrenching and plays upon a specific set of emotions that are rarely seen in the court of law. To better educate you and your loved on the wrongful death claim, here are 3 interesting aspects of wrongful death that you should know.


What Really Counts as a Wrongful Death Claim?

In general terms, a wrongful death is a death incurred as a direct result of someone’s negligence, such as carelessness, incompetence, or failure to act. A person crossing the street, killed by an intoxicated driver, an old woman killed by a mugger for $20.00 in her purse, a pregnant mother struck down and killed by a reckless teen driver. As the top wrongful death attorney NYC has to offer, Mr. Levine and his team have helped families with examples identical to the ones above! In these claims, the loved ones of the departed can file wrongful death personal injury lawsuits on the departed behave. These sorts of civil lawsuits, which carry no criminal charges, assist loved ones in recuperating losses for pain and suffering, stress, loss of personal relationships, monetary loss, medical bills, and other incurred costs.


What Can You Truly Expect in Damages from a Wrongful Death Claim?

As one of the top personal injury lawyer Long Island has in practice, Mr. Levine has been able to help clients win incredibly large compensatory damages for their loss – some well within the millions of dollars. There are several aspects that can lead to such a result, including the following:
  • Loss of present and future income
  • Loss of quality of life
  • Pain and suffering
  • Inheritance Loss
  • Hospital and burial costs
  • Mental suffering
  • Support system loss
  • Collective damages
  • Loss of companionship
  • Loss of a family member
If you are involved in a wrongful death, be sure to consult your lawyer about all of the above damaged, and to see if you are eligible.

Can You File a Wrongful Death?

In order to be eligible to file a wrongful death claim you must generally be the deceased individual’s next of kin, this includes – parents, spouses, and children. Minors might require an adult who has custody or legal guardianship of the child to manage a wrongful death lawsuit on the behalf of the child all the way to court.

While these are only the beginning steps, having someone like Joel Levine, the top personal injury lawyer Long Island has to offer, on your side is vital to the process. For more information contact LEVINE & WISS PLLC today.